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In this class, students are guided through an invigorating yoga flow with continuous and dynamic yoga sequences that benefit your whole being - improving flexibility, muscle, joint and cardiovascular strength, increasing mental clarity and focus, allowing for a harmonious unity of the body, mind and soul. Music, deep breathing and meditation techniques are also included for an integrated yoga practice. 

Rocket Vinyasa

Rocket Yoga is a playful practice inspired by the Ashtanga lineage created by the late Larry Schultz. Loved by advanced practitioners, inversion junkies and beginners alike, the set sequences allow you to track your progress over time, while giving lots of opportunity to get upside down and on your hands in arm balances. You’ll find poses that strengthen and open the physical body and that each posture compliments one another to create a beautiful and well rounded practice.


This class is a restorative and slow practice with more passive postures, mainly on the floor. Initially called “Daoist” yoga, this style of yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia that covers the body. Yin is unique in that you are able to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone. Yin offers a much deeper access to the body, with it's meditative postures generally held from three to five minutes. Yin provides a calming and balancing to the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety, increases flexibility in joints the connective tissue, and releases fascia throughout the body.


This class is a strong, steady, slightly slower flow from posture to posture with more emphasis on strength, flexibility, alignment, stillness, awareness and the breath. The transitions from pose to pose are at a different pace that those of the vinyasa flow, and include longer holding periods. Music, deep breathing and meditation techniques are also included for an integrated Yoga practice.


Heated Classes: The same lovely classes described above practiced in a heated room (28 °C - 32 °C). The heat allows for muscles to warm more quickly thus creating greater ease through your full range of motion, improving blood circulation to the skin and release of toxins. We recommend that you bring a large thin towel to cover your yoga mat once you begin to sweat. We also offer thin, gripping mat towels specifically designed for heated classes for rent or sale. 

Assisted Classes: Also the same lovely classes described above, and with the wonderful experience of an extra set of hands to guide you through your practice. Our assisted classes provide you with the opportunity to receive hands-on adjustments of your yoga poses. Assists and adjustments are not corrections, but rather are slight suggestions to be a little more honest in a pose…whether that is working a little harder or easing off a bit. They are a gentle reminder of what you can achieve and where you can go. Of course, assists and adjustments are always at your discretion and if you preferred not to be touched, we’ll always honor your wish.

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