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Our Intention


Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Yoga traditions, and dedicated to raising our collective vibration to align with the universal wisdom, we strive to offer you the highest quality of teaching and most beautiful environment in which to practice.   


We believe that yoga asana, when combined with mindful presence and a willingness to observe oneself from within, has the power to increase the well-being and positive growth of the individual, and in doing so, transform the collective community. We are tenacious in our commitment to go deeply into our inner world in order to connect with the true nature of ourselves, creating the opportunity to continuously improve the quality of our lives in ways that are aligned with our unique purpose.


It is a great honor and responsibility to hold this space in which we share the profound lineage of Yoga, and to offer a safe and nurturing environment for your personal practice within a community.  Whether you call Rome your home or you are just visiting for a few days, we all come together here to find our best expression of Self through the practice of Yoga. With integrity, courage and joy, we work and play together and support each other along the way. 


We believe in your ever-expanding potential and your invaluable contribution to our community. The heart of our intention is to inspire you to connect with and share your beautiful and unique Self. 


We hope you will come in and meet us, practice with us and consider us at Zem part of your community!


"Zem Yoga Studio Roma is more than a yoga studio, it's a community, a family of amazing people that help each other in a difficult moment. It's more than a simple place because in these days Zem is coming in the houses of all the people who wishes to do yoga, despite the coronavirus. Moreover, Zem Studio it's a continue challenge with yourself, because the amazing teachers always propose you new and different flow and you never stop to growth and to became a better person. I feel very lucky to have Zem Yoga Studio in Rome, but thanks the new technology wherever you live, you can do a super yoga practice with them!!! Try to believe and you'll never go back."

~Ludovica, Rome

"You have no idea what you and your studio have done for me. When I first set foot in your studio in December I knew I had arrived. It says "Welcome home" on the door and it really felt like I had come home.  I didn't think I was going to be able to come more than once in that 1-week trial because work was so hectic but I managed three times and loved the studio more each time. Because it was Christmas my first Yin class with Francesca was with just Ali and I and it was the most calming experience and the most calm I'd been in forever. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do the unlimited pass and be part of your beautiful community. When I first met you in January (until then I had only noticed you as an incredibly skilled Yogi in Danielle's class the first time I came to Zem. I watched you with amazement but didn't know who you were!) I understood why the studio felt and feels the way it does and who was responsible for this inexplicable, welcoming and inclusive vibe that the studio emanates. You have a real talent for picking amazing teachers with amazing personalities and creating a beautiful, wholesome atmosphere, making everyone feel part of a community - offline in the studio and now online on Zoom. I and so many others appreciate the live online classes so so much! It is the most beautiful thing, seeing our teachers and communicating with you even though we can't all be in the same place. I love that people from the whole world can be part of it and that you have not made any restrictions to numbers, people who normally come to the studio nor have you set a straight fee. This "spread hope, love and comfort to anyone who needs it" philosophy to me corresponds directly to the "Zem vibe" I mentioned earlier and makes me so happy to have met you and to be a part of this."

~Birte, Rome

"I really want to express to you all my gratitude for the online classes that you propose for free with an incredible level of teaching, kindness, and love. You are a part of my daily routine during this crisis... I actually discovered Zem Yoga by chance last year when I was staying in Rome for a few days and I love your class! It was dynamic and you made me push myself and do things I didn't think were possible. And now, each time I connect myself to the Zoom meeting, I have the feeling that I join a community and it is so beautiful while I am far away from my home, working in Jordan. So a big thanks for everything!"

~Marlene, Jordan

Photos by @kelseymichelle_photography

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