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SATURDAY, APRIL 15 & SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1:00 - 4:00 PM


Take a quantum leap into Spring 2023 to shift mentally, physically and spiritually into upcoming new paradigms with yoga therapist Carole Toulousy-Michel. Meet our challenging and changing times where strength, endurance, intuition and wisdom are the qualities we presently need to channel. Even though other yogic traditions and modalities will be also used during these
classes, Kundalini yoga, referenced in the sacred Vedic texts known as the Upanishads (c. 1000 BC – 500 BC) as a science of energy and spiritual philosophy, offers documented yogic technology to quickly alter our biochemical profile and bring about a
very calm healing state associated to a healthy lifestyle. Thus, our following practices will be supported by the appropriate yogic matrix to equalize the energy of our nervous system and of our glandular system and obtain total balance of mind, body and spirit. The following Kundalini Master Classes focus on yogic technology with unique combinations of: specific breathing patterns-pranayama- coupled with energetic body locks -bandhas; special postures and movements including exact positioning of the hands and fingers -mudras; particular mantras, consisting of distinct vibratory sounds; and a unique mental focus.


SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
This class will focus on the inner aspects and deeper structures in the body to improve our resilience to stress in balancing our central nervous system with coordinated repetitive poses, specific pranayama exercises and meditation; stop our deleterious thoughts that keep us from moving on, with particular mudras and distinctive mantras; soften our mind and body resistance to access our innate creativity power with bandhas that stimulate the endocrine secretions and direct body energy; and integrate and recalibrate the body with brief relaxation periods.


SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
This Kundalini-Hatha Fusion yoga sequence is accessible to everyone and is best designed to help you as we transition into Spring by toning and stabilizing your nervous system, unlocking your flexibility and stamina and waking up your Spring attributes like vivacity, inspiration, motivation and renewal while warding off opposite attributes like irritability, anger and rigidity. Practice will also be based on our kinesiology body map to identify key organs and functions derived from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The goal is to unlock, absorb, stimulate or calm down and balance this new seasonal
energy with breathing techniques based on neuroscience to open up our field of perception toward new thought processes; multiple postural stretches to decompress our joints and to unlock stagnating energy that feed organs and glands supporting the Spring season; dynamic and repetitive movements for in-depth organ massage; and specific mudras and bandhas to perfect this comprehensive practice.

RATES: Single class: 45 in studio, €30 online. Both: 85 in studio, €55 online.

RSVP: Register on MindBody, email, or come into the studio!



Carole is originally from France. Her training and work as an international interpreter-translator and business advisor has taken her to the Washington D.C. area, where she currently lives, and has made her a strong believer in bridging language and cultural differences at many levels. With over 15 years of yoga education and practice in the United States and studios in France, her goal is to give students the tools to comprehend the world from “the inside-out” instead of the perennial “outside-in”. Carole did her 500-hour Hatha yoga training with a focus on yoga therapy: she is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is a TT recognized by international Yoga Alliance. She is registered as a Kundalini Yoga teacher (200hrs) by the Kundalini Research Institute. As part of required continuous yoga education by the previous organizations, she continuously trains to also learn other yoga traditions that allow her to craft and draw her yoga therapy techniques and classes from other modalities like Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Viniyoga Therapy, with
accents of Ayurveda that she was introduced to in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure and QiGong to respect the different seasonal aspects within the body and the mind and to obtain balance, stamina and homeostasis. She also is a health coach. She fluently speaks Italian. Her objective is to uplift her students so that they rid of old patterns that no longer serve them and move on emotionally, physically and spiritually.



Join us for the Love Yourself Workshop with Ann Macoul, Camilia Lambru and Pamela Porreca, highlighting:

  • MIND Attract more love and harmony in your life and relationships with 5 simple techniques

  • BODY Prepare your body for the change of season. The ideal nutrients to eat in a day to feel balanced and nourished

  • SOUL How to strengthen your spiritual connection and receive messages from your Angels, guides & higher self

RATE: €25 In Studio, €20 Online

RSVP: Register on MindBody or come into the studio!



Ann Macoul is an international psychic medium, spirit artist and teacher, and she is the founder of Heart of Angels, a spiritually based business in Rome, Italy. Her training includes a Usui Reiki Masters Certification, Julian Jenkins Mediumship and Teacher Training Accreditation, and intensive studies with Trance Spirit Artist, Lynn Cottrell, Arthur Findlay College, England. Through her interactions with spirit she's able to help others on their path to reach a sense of peace and understanding of why they are here and what is needed for them to move forward with greater ease and grace.

Camelia Lambru is the owner of Retreats in Italy. She is a life coach, a business coach, and has collaborated with congressional agencies, banks and international institutions for over 20 years. She is trained in the areas of NLP (neuro linguistic programing) and Coaching the Quantum Mind. She specializes in helping those experiencing grief over separation, mourning, and betrayals to live a life of joy and open up to love again. She has a regular spot on
Teleuniverso ever Tuesday, and she is the author of "If Jennifer could leave Brad you can leave any idiot".

Pamela Porreca is our wellness and nutritional coach and the founder of Melaiko Nutrition. She has a deep understanding of how food can change our lives in terms of energy, quality of sleep and self love. She is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant through AFPA, American Fitness Professionals & Associates. Her mission is to help women develop a better relationship with themselves and their bodies.

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