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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Join us for a beautiful gathering on Sunday the 20th of September starting at 6.30 pm. As we mark the closure of Summer, saying goodbye to its fiery energy, there is nothing more special than getting to sit with other women, letting go of what is no longer needed for our journeys ahead and planting new seeds for the time to come. These circles are a way to create a safe and sacred container where we can allow some of the armors we might wear during our daily life to be shed, a place to honor our path, our vulnerability, a place to be inspired by other women and explore what it means to embody walk in our power and authenticity. For many of us this might be a new experience of togetherness since we have been deprived of this way of being with one another. We might even come with a wounding around sisterhood and intimacy. All is welcome, hopefully this will be a space for us to explore some important themes, to share from our hearts, meditate, journal and celebrate. Please bring a pen and paper with you and an object to place on the altar that will be created for us. Aside from that bring your beautiful self. Don't hesitate to ask any question and to invite a sister. Much love to you all.


COST: €25.
RSVP: Register on MindBody, email info@zemyogastudio.com, or come into the studio!


Emilia is a wonderer, visionary, creative soul and Earth advocate. She facilitates transformational workshops combining Authentic Movement, Nature Connection practices, Ritual and Healing Arts. She is a Yoga and Meditation dedicated to creating spaces of Embodied Liberation. She is deeply devoted to the remembering of the Feminine and has led many Women Circles, working also individually with women from all over the world to support them in reconnecting with their wild power, with their moon cycle, to let go of old patterns and reawaken to their authentic selves. She works with medicinal plants as allies for our healing and as a way to reconnect to the deep wisdom of the Earth.




Rainbow Yoga is excited to offer you this free Family Yoga class! An interactive hour and a half of dynamic and fun Rainbow Yoga for children, families, parents, grandparents and carers. It’s always more fun to do yoga together! Play and connect with your children and family. Stretch further than you can on your own and balance in ways that you can only do together in this fun experience for the whole family. Need to reconnect with your loved ones? Spend some quality time doing yoga together, where no mobile phones or social media are allowed. It’s simply family time! Join our incredible Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Benjamin Hart for this free family yoga event for all ages. Please bring a yoga mat and eco friendly water bottle.


RSVP: Register on MindBody, email info@zemyogastudio.com, or come into the studio!

ABOUT: www.rainbowyogatraining.com


Benjamin is a Texas-Born World-Resident with a life-long relationship to movement and energy. A student of theater, dance, and gymnastics since the age of four, his yoga practice initially blossomed in the sand and sun of Barcelona where his ‘Beach Bikram’ classes took off.  Having lived in Los Angeles and New York City, Benjamin gainined his RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher certificate in Dallas, and came straight to Paris following Love and Life's Adventures. 


For Benjamin, yoga is truly a practice of Union with ourselves, with each other, and with the Divine, resonant in All. His classes utilize the flowing pace of traditional Vinyasa technique with an infusion of his studies as a modern day Urban Shaman focusing on the inner journey, energy harmonization, and intentional manifestation. Beginners will love his accessible approach while experienced yogis are certainly in for something refreshing and new.

The format for Benjamin’s classes has been well-described as ‘Rainbow Yoga’, meaning that the seven Chakra energy centers within each of our bodies are the foundation and focus of his series. These resonating energetic vortexes are paired with appropriate traditional yoga postures to awaken and purify the physical as well as energy bodies. The seven Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Light and Thought are also incorporated for a joyful time of self-healing, counterbalance, and exploration of the infinite Here and Now.

While it may sound different from the standard class structure, students find Benjamin’s offering as a delightful addition to their regular yoga practice and an excellent opportunity to expand their daily routine.

For more information on Benjamin's additional activities, check out his MeetUp group: http://www.meetup.com/Namaste-Adventures/

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