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Teacher Training


La formazione è aperta a tutti coloro che insegnano o che vogliono semplicemente arricchire il proprio sapere e sentire personale. 


Argomenti trattati durante la Formazione 1 modulo YinYoga:
Manuale di Pratica e Fondamenti:
Origini Yin Yoga
Yin/Yang a confronto
Atteggiamento Yin
La fascia, il tessuto connettivo
Target area
Tensione e compressione
Le posizioni fondamentali
Uso dei props e variazioni
Effetti e benefici della pratica Yin
Meditazione mindfulness
Ogni giorno sono previste almeno 2 pratiche di yin yoga

Alla fine della formazione verrà rilasciato un diploma riconosciuto da Yoga Alliance International 50 ore Yin Yoga

La Formazione si sviluppa su 2 week end:
11-12-13 Ottobre
15-16-17 Novembre
Venerdi pomeriggio, sabato e domenica tutto il giorno.
Numero minimo di partecipanti : 10

Quota di iscrizione:
EARLY BIRD: 600€ con prenotazione entro il 7 settembre 2019 con versamento di 300€ come acconto (non rimborsabile)
- dopo il 7 settembre, 750€ con versamento di 300€ come acconto (non rimborsabile) entro il 29 settembre.
- la rata successiva va saldata durante il primo weekend di formazione.
Il pagamento può avvenire tramite bonifico, postepay o in contanti presso la scuola.

Per info dettagliate:
Francesca tel. 3389590875
Tanya tel.3397056385



Siamo due insegnanti Yoga accomunate dalla stessa mission: mettere a disposizione delle persone tutte le conoscenze e le esperienze sullo Yin Yoga maturate nel corso di tanti anni di esperienza e formazione.

Tanya, già affermata personal trainer, ha iniziato a studiare e a praticare power yoga con Roberto Bocchi, ottenendo la certificazione di 4 livello.

In seguito ha partecipato all’Ashtanga yoga Teacher training con David Swenson e a numerosi workshop e intensivi di ashtanga Yoga con maestri certificati sia Italiani che stranieri. Successivamente, ha ottenuto la certificazione anche in Postural yoga con Boris Bazzani. Dopo essersi confrontata con esponenti importanti come Biff Mithoefer,Sarah Lo, la scuola Hohm di Milano ha partecipato a numerose classi e intensivi di Yin Yoga a Bali e negli Stati Uniti. Attualmente si occupa con molto entusiasmo e passione della Formazione in Yin Yoga con dedizione e non smette mai di approfondire l’argomento tanto è vero che divora con avidità tutti i manuali di Yin yoga presenti sul mercato!


Francesca ha iniziato a praticare yoga nel 1999 con il kundalini yoga per poi passare a pratiche più dinamiche quali Asthanga (scuola di Lino Miele), Swasthya e Bikram yoga. Nel novembre 2014 è diventata insegnante di Bikram e successivamente di Hatha Vinyasa Flow.

Nel 2015 inizia a praticare Yin yoga che diventa la sua passione e nel 2016 prende la prima certificazione come insegnante per poi proseguire la formazione con i migliori insegnanti internazionali.


The Craft™ of Teaching Yoga in Rome, Italy, is a five-week immersion into the Craft. Our program is an interlocution between artistry, yoga philosophy, introspection, and self-realization. Employing yoga’s rich history alongside practical teaching methodology, the Craft empowers trainees to lead a creative, musical, and meaningful vinyasa flow. The Craft enrolls practitioners to be an active participant on the mat, and in their lives, with expanded self-awareness, purpose, and presence. The Craft explores four overarching themes that guide us through the training experience. These meta-concepts enrich our relationship with ourselves and our interactions with everything in our lives. Through the felt experience of each concept, we increase our capacity to lead as yoga facilitators. We awaken, we flow, we expand, and we integrate. We emerge from this training transformed, yet closer to our selves than ever before.


Welcome to a unique training immersion.

Our inclusive, diverse, and comprehensive training utilizes dynamic learning modalities, adapted to every learning style. Whether you are a visual, audible, or kinesthetic learner, you are fully engaged and empowered to co-create a learning environment that is fun, informative, and transformational in our program.

In the Craft of Teaching Yoga, you will:

  • teach an intelligent, musical, and meaningful vinyasa flow

  • develop and refine your authentic voice for teaching

  • gain an intuitive, embodied sense of yoga anatomy

  • quench your thirst for yoga philosophy and history 

  • use philosophy and science to enhance your theme & offering

  • understand the underlying logic in yoga sequences

  • cultivate the felt-knowledge of your energetic anatomy

  • cultivate artistic self-expression through your music and movement

  • deepen your spiritual connection through yoga rituals of breath and meditation 

  • feel supported with your buddy, your family, a team of mentors, and your yoga teacher training community


The training schedule for the Craft in Rome is structured in an immersion format. We meet five days a week for five weeks on Monday to Friday. We will have Saturdays and Sundays off. All training sessions are at our beautiful studio in the heart of Rome. Additionally, as a Crafter, you are invited to optional yoga field trips and exclusive yoga experiences throughout the training, as well.

Mondays 9:00am-6:00pm
Tuesdays 12:00pm-6:00pm
Wednesdays 9:00am-6:00pm
Thursdays 12:00pm-6:00pm
Fridays 2:00pm-6:00pm

In addition to our in-person learning sessions, Crafters are required to take weekly yoga classes, read in-depth texts, and respond to written homework prompts to attain their yoga certificate.

Awaken - January 12 - 27, 2019

Awaken to the all-knowing wisdom that resides within; this same intelligence aligns effortlessly with the incessant teachings of our perceived reality.

Expand - January 28 - February 3, 2019

Dive into the boundless world, taste your formlessness, witness yourself from a meta-perspective with unlimited possibility.

Flow - February 4 - 10, 2019

Crystallize your reality, illuminate the illusion of imperfection, and come to realize the impossibility of your fragmentation from the whole.

Integrate - February 11 - 17, 2019

Expand your awareness and practice genuine appreciation for all the trials and tribulations that came before to mold you into who you are right now. Realize the agitations in your life are the gateway for the expansion of your next evolutionary self.

Learn more about and APPLY to The Craft here.



I, Adrienne, am an Indiana-girl living a life I never thought possible. Some say I am a pioneer in the fitness industry, but I’m just a dreamer fiercely dedicated to living with purpose and heart-felt intentions. For the longest time, I sought happiness outside of myself. I kept shifting and changing everything about my external environment in hopes that my inner world would feel better. Through yoga, I long-last found the peace I desired. I remembered my perfection, and by loving myself entirely, I became empowered to share my lessons with others.  The yoga philosophy and teachings are my confidant, a trusted friend that illuminates my shadows and pushes my barriers beyond comprehension into pure potential and expansion. // adrienne’s website

I, Eric, live by the philosophy that I can only live my life to my limited capacity allowed by my experience. That is, the potential of my circustances of my life are mere constructs of my past, present, and thoughts for the future. Thusly, I practice never to take things personally because I understand that everyone has different expectations of the world. And it is for this uniqueness that I dance and revel in the varieties of life. I say, the commonalities we identify within our relationships are comforting and familiar, indeed, but finding inspiration in diversity is what paves the road to self-expression. I yearn to share yoga because it illuminates my path as a sentient being, and I am humbled and inspired, grateful for my life of learning and love. // eric’s website


Science based. Trauma informed. Intuition welcomed.

This WINTER weekend training is a level one restorative yin YTT that focuses on the theme of self regulation in the season of winter. It’s appropriate for all levels of yogic experience; those interested in offering restorative yoga classes and those interested in deepening their experience of restorative states. You will learn the neurobiology of restorative states, an overview of the anatomy of the nervous system, how the vagus nerve functions, as well as an understanding of the meridians and elements. You will feel empowered to guide a restorative class to support your students through the Winter Sequence, be well versed in the creative use of props, and the corresponding benefits/contraindications for each shape. In a beautiful way, you will have the opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Total cost of this weekend training is €285, €100 (non-refundable) deposit saves your spot.

Post course requirements for certification: lead 1 restorative class (minimum three attendees), and write a page summary about your experience.

Training manuals and certification are included in the price.

This training can be used for 20 CE hours for yoga teachers.

To register, email: or call 333.159.6725.



Rae Helsel, E-RYT 500, is a mindful restorative yin instructor who also incorporates meditation, Yoga Nidra, and neuroscience into the classes and trainings that she leads. A cancer survivor, with a career in software development, Rae believes wholeheartedly in the power of this practice to restore and heal.She has over 2,000 hours of education, and continues to study with her teachers Jane Fryer, Judith Lasater, and Bernie Clark from the belief that we need guidance and community to continue to grow and expand.The intention behind The Rest Movement is to ease our minds and hearts into being more open, present and relaxed. It is a powerful counterbalance to the vibrant action of daily life, and an invaluable practice for radiating wellness - a pathway to healing and self-discovery. And on a more subtle level, it is a practice designed to encourage harmony with seasonal and personal energetics.


Instagram personal: @theyogrammer

Instagram business: @therestmovement

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